Scout Coffee is Closed

The Coffee Shop is Closing!

As we continue to bounce back from the Global Pandemic, we have made the decision to close the Coffee Shop as a National Fundraising Project to focus more of our time on the current two fundraisers, Popcorn and Seeds, and work to introduce a new fundraiser to replace coffee in the coming months.

The Coffee Fundraiser started during the Pandemic, as we were forced to quickly pivot and find a solution to the lack of availability of Popcorn.  Now that Popcorn Fundraiser has rebounded and face-to-face selling has returned,, our coffee sales have taken a significant downturn, to the point where it is no longer feasible to offer it to our Groups.

Visit the Scout Shop ( for special discounted prices as we liquidate the remaining inventory.

We thank you for your unwavering support or our program!

Your next cup could support your local Scouts

The Scout Coffee fundraiser allows Scouting Groups to enhance their programming to help develop youth into well-rounded, more resilient individuals. 35% of the sales go back to local Scouting Groups to fund their adventures and over 5% directly supports the No One Left Behind program.

Support the No One Left Behind Campaign

Every year, Scouts Canada’s fundraising campaigns help support Groups in their Scouting adventures and provide funds for the No One Left Behind campaign which aims to remove economic barriers for youth and families wishing to participate in Scouting. Every young person deserves to experience the world of fun, friendship and self-development Scouting offers.

Good coffee for a good cause!

Premium Coffee. Organic. Fairtrade. And roasted in Canada too. By doing something small, you can accomplish something big. All without having to compromise on the quality of your morning cup.