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About Our Coffee

  • Are whole bean and ground coffee available? How much coffee is in the package?

    Yes, whole bean as well as ground coffee is available for Misty Morning, S'more coffee and Campfire Roast in 340g sizes. There are generally two different sizes/formats: the smaller bag has 12oz/340g (roughly 45 cups per bags) of coffee and the larger bag has 2lbs/908g (roughly 120 cups per bag). All our 2lb coffees are only available as whole bean.

  • What is the difference between the different types of coffee?

    Each type of coffee has a different flavour profile based on the origin of the coffee and its roast level. Darker roasts will be smokier, bolder, and more robust whereas medium roasts are lighter, brighter, and crisper. The lighter the roast, the more you will taste subtle flavour notes that would otherwise be overwhelmed if drinking a dark roast.

    Campfire Roast is a dark roast. Tasting notes are smokey with notes of molasses.

    S'mores Coffee is a medium-dark roast. Tasting notes are chocolatey and nutty notes (no actual nuts are in the coffee!)

    Misty Morning is a medium roast. Tasting notes are classic and familiar with notes of vanilla.

    Trailblazer Espresso is an espresso medium roast. Tasting notes are sweet, smooth, and silky.

    Knot Caffeinated is a medium roast. Naturally decaffeinated. Tasting notes of milk chocolate.

  • What are “tasting notes”?

    “Tasting notes” is a term the coffee industry uses to describe the natural flavours that are detectable in the taste of the coffee. These are naturally occurring flavours; nothing is added to the coffee, these are not added flavours.

  • Is it the coffee Organic? Is it Fair Trade?

    Our coffee is supplied by Equator Coffee Roasters and they are proud to offer 100% Organic, 100% Fair Trade coffee.

    “Fair Trade” is a loaded term; but at it's core, it is an alternative way of doing business with the goal of improving life for the producer who has historically gotten the short end of the stick (to put it mildly). Improving life can mean a variety of things: better trading conditions, higher wages, and improved social and environmental standards are a good place to start.

    Equator wants to create a healthier planet with healthier farmers, families, and communities from Canada to Peru to Ethiopia to Sumatra. That is why 100% of the coffee they roast is certified organic. From the farmer’s field to Equator’s production facilities, the coffee is produced, processed, and handled according to international organic standards. Equator’s organic certification is renewed each year after an audit by Ecocert Canada.

  • What are the ingredients? Are there any allergens?

    100% organic coffee. Nothing has been added to the coffee other than organic coffee beans! The production facility where the coffee is produced has no other products other than coffee being produced anywhere near the coffee production site.

  • Is the coffee gluten free?

    Yes, all of Equator's coffee is gluten free (not certified).

  • What is the shelf life?

    The shelf life is 1 year from the roast date. While coffee doesn’t “go bad”, it definitely tastes best when it's fresh. We like to think of it like bread: nothing beats getting it straight from the source - the aroma, the flavour, that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you take that first bite/sip...priceless and this is why fresh coffee is enjoyed within 1 month of the roast date (you can find that information on the back of our bags) but the shelf life on our packaging is for 1 year.

  • How do I keep it fresh?

    The best way to keep your coffee fresh is to purchase whole beans and store them in an airtight, non-reactive (glass) container in a cool dark place. If you like to purchase your coffee in bulk, keep a weeks-worth of coffee in the cupboard and keep the rest in the freezer! You can read more about keeping your beans fresh here.

  • What is the difference between whole bean and ground?

    Whole beans are exactly as they sound - beans! Beans are the freshest way to store coffee at home using a coffee grinder (burr grinder or blade grinder). If you order whole bean coffee, your coffee will stay fresher, longer, just make sure you have a way to grind it when it arrives!

    Ground coffee is pre-ground and ready to brew. Our coffee is ground to a medium grind, ideal for a pour-over or drip coffee brewer. You can read more about the different brewing methods here.

  • What grind type is it? What type of brewing method is it for?

    Our coffee is ground to a medium grind, ideal for a pour-over or drip coffee brewer. You can read more about the different brewing methods here.

  • Is the decaf coffee (Knot Caffeinated) natural? How is it processed?

    Yes, the Knot Caffeinated is 100% naturally processed with the CO2 Process. There are two forms of decaffeination that are natural (as in no nasty chemicals) and acceptable to organic certification: the well-known “Swiss Water Process” and the less well known but just as natural Carbon Dioxide Process. Equator’s decaf coffee is processed almost 100% in the CO2 process. We prefer this to Swiss Water because we have found that it helps preserve the flavour of the coffee better than the Swiss Water process where the flavour components are often removed and then put back in again at the end of the process.

     The way the CO2 process works is that the green coffee beans (the raw, pre-roasted product) are soaked in compressed carbon dioxide, which acts more like a liquid than a gas in that state. Carbon dioxide, when compressed, combines with caffeine so that when the CO2 is filtered, the caffeine is removed. Because carbon dioxide is what we humans produce and what plants need to survive, it is obviously a natural product thereby making this process of decaffeination natural!

About Ordering, Shipping and Delivery

  • How do I order?

    Ordering is as simple as ABC…

    Step A: From the home page, select product(s) and add them to the cart and once you are done adding products, select checkout.

    Step B: During checkout, you can choose to either support your local Scouting Group and the No One Left Behind (NOLB) campaign OR you can choose to support the No One Left Behind (NOLB) campaign only. No matter your choice, just know that over 40% of your money goes back to support Scouts in learning new skills, making new friends, and being better leaders?

    Step C: Next, you will need to enter your contact and delivery info, pay for your order and you are done. We will send your order confirmation to your provided contact (email/sms).

  • Is there an ordering window?

    No. The campaign runs year-round and the coffee is roasted and ready for your order. Orders are shipped within 1 week.

  • Are there any other important notes about ordering?

    Yes, there is. You can order a maximum of $1000 of coffee at a time. The shipping fees are as shown in below table. If you wish to order over $1000 worth of coffee, you can easily do so, by breaking up your order into two or more orders.

    However, if you would like to place an order of 100 bags or more, please email: coffee@scouts.ca with email subject: 'bulk order' to find out about the bulk ordering procedure. Shipping fees will be determined based on location and order size.

  • What are your shipping fees?

    Order Value / Shipping Rate

    Up to $20 / $8

    $21 to $40 / $12

    $41 to $100 / $16

    $101 to $200 / $20

    $201 to $300 / $30

    $301 to $500 / $40

    $501 to $1000 / $60

  • Will you ship outside of Canada too?

    No, there will be no international shipping.

  • When are the products shipped?

    Orders are shipped within 1 week of being placed. You will receive tracking information once your order is fulfilled.

  • Can I track my order?

    Yes, you will receive your tracking info in the order shipped confirmation email. Can Par generally delivers in 5-7 business days but due to Can Par’s COVID-19 safety measures, delays can occur - please be patient.

  • How long after placing my order could it take to get my coffee?

    We estimate that you should receive your order within 2 to 3 weeks after your order date.

  • What should I do if I do not receive my order after 3 weeks?

    Please email coffee@scouts.ca.

About The Scout Coffee Fundraiser

  • When does the Scout Coffee fundraiser start? When does it end?

    The Scout Coffee Fundraiser begins Friday October 15th, 2020 and runs year-round.

  • Where does my money go?

    For every bag of coffee purchased, over 40% of your money is returned to Scouting. During checkout, you can choose to have this money go towards supporting your local Scouting group and the No One Left Behind campaign OR you can choose to support the No One Left Behind campaign only. The No One Left Behind (NOLB) campaign provides children and youth from low-income families with the opportunity to participate in Scouting.

  • Who should I contact if I have questions about the fundraiser?

    For all inquiries, please email coffee@scouts.ca

  • Why did Scouts Canada team up with Equator?

    Scouts Canada & Equator Coffee Roasters have teamed up to offer some really, truly good coffee. Equator’s coffee is fair trade, certified organic, and roasted right here in Canada and thus Scouts Canada is very excited to partner with Equator Coffee to support Groups in their fundraising efforts as their values align strongly with ours and support the following United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals: SDG Goal #1: No Poverty and Goal #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth.